Donna asks…

cocoa butter on face?

I just put PALMER’S cocoa butter on my face. Will it clog my pores? What will it do? My face feels smooth and soft right now. Do you think it will irritate my skin?

QA answers:

It will definitely clog your pores… Cocoa butter is made to really help your body, and is not at all good for your face.. I would wash it off if I were you unless you want to wake up to a breakout in the morning. =(

Carol asks…

Cocoa Butter on face?

Ive read many answers saying that cocoa butter is good for the face and that it made their skin flawless.. But i have acne and some acne scars.. and when i go in sunlight my fac elooks realllllllly redd! if i were to use cocoa butter without breaking out, which one should i use? where can i buy it? pleaseeeeeeeee help!!

QA answers:

I break out from just about everything. Do not experiment with natural products just because they are all natural. It doesn’t make them good, trust me, and cocoa butter is known to irritate sensitive skin.

The only products that you should be using for irritated skin, acne or otherwise should be free of any…

Parabens (you know those long words with paraben at the end on ingredient lists? They are preservatives, and they are known allergens).
and formaldehyde

They should read irritant free, and non-comedogenic

I use Cliniderm products (the only product which didn’t cause me to break out) but they are not as moisturizing as I would like so I’m going to try Vanicream, and select Cetaphil products (all which fit my criteria. Still, I had a horrible break out of a red rash on my cheeks and peeling tight skin for the last week. Washing my face with Cliniderm made it go away almost completely overnight!). All of these products are very very cheap, and highly recommended by dermatologists.

Also, if you have oily acne you may need to exfoilate, but if your skin is sensitive or irritated it may not be a good idea.

This site is super useful for additional information and product recommendations (I was just looking there today actually!). Check out the articles, they suggest products and you can check out reviews.


Good luck, and if you find something that works stick with it! Your skin will get better as it gets used to certain products :)

Robert asks…

Vaseline cocoa butter for face..?

Can I use it? I don’t have a breakout problem, I just have some scars on my face I’d like to get rid of. If not, then what is the next product I can use to get rid of acne scars? [aside from Palmer's cocoa butter. I just moved overseas and there is no place you can get that stuff here.]

QA answers:

Try vitamin E oil. You can get capsules, and pierce them to get the vit E out.

George asks…

Is it safe to put cocoa butter on your face?

My mother said it’s not and now she’s saying it is, does anyone know if it’s not ok?

QA answers:

If your skin is acne prone don’t use it can clog your pores
use shea butter or Oil free face lotion walmart
has great ones that doesn’t clog your pores.

Ruth asks…

Vaseline cocoa butter on face for acne scars?

I love this lotion…it makes my skin glow. I was wondering if it would help a few acne scars on my face. My forehead, nose and chin are usually pimple free, with only a few tiny breakouts that occur rarely. Can i apply it in those areas since they have very light acne scarring?

As for my cheeks, they’re quite acne prone. I apply cucumber, tomato, lemon and turmeric daily. And i follow that up with ice cubes, aloevera gel and lacto-calamine.
So it it alright to apply light Vaseline Deep Conditioning cocoa butter on my cheeks after that?

QA answers:

Hi Una Paloma Blanca,

Personally I don´t think vaseline cocoa butter is gonna help you, you are doing well with the home remedies, I use those too :). Check out this website there are other home remedies that can help you.

Here is the link:


Donald asks…

Can I use this stuff on my face? (Cocoa butter lotion)?

It says can be used on face on the front… but I have some acne and am pretty sensitive skinned. Should I stick to my Cerave and cetaphil face lotion instead? Thanks!

QA answers:

You can use Cocoa butter lotion on your face. Not only does it work with your sensitive skin but it will also help with the acne. I tried it for a little while and it made my skin softer and helped the acne go down dramatically.

Michael asks…

Is it ok for me to use palmers cocoa butter on my face?

i was looking for stuff to refresh my skin and i head palmers cocoa butter was affordable but very good, i tried it on my face, my skin felt softer but one thing im not sure about, is it a tanner? because my face looked slightly tanned if you will or toned whatever but the point is my face looked a bit tanned after using it, sure thats a good thing yeah but is it supposed to do that? my skin is quite white so maybe thats why but still is it cool to use it?

QA answers:

I use it every day on my face and have good skin :)

Laura asks…

Can I use Palmers Cocoa Butter on my face?

Or will it muck up my face?

QA answers:

Course you can Rookin :)
No need to fear for your face, it’s a body butter so it can be used anywhere and it won’t bring up spots because it’s not too greasy


Charles asks…

anyone uses cocoa butter for their face or eye area read important info?

i read on the queen helene coocoa butter jar that it prevents fine lines and crows feet and dry chapped skin anywayz should i continue to use it around my eye area since its so dry is it harmful?

QA answers:

I use it to…um…relieve myself.

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