Chris asks…

Does anyone know if 100% Pure Shea Butter can go bad or “expire”?

I bought a large container of 100% Pure Shea Butter a little while ago. I would guess a year to year and a half ago and I have noticed that it has a different scent. It seems to still work just fine but now that famililar “shea butter” smell has changed and I’m wondering if I should throw it out….

ALSO: (No disgusting jokes please) But my dog will try to lick the butter off my arm after I have put some on. I have always heard that pure shea butter is edible. Anyone know anythingn about that? So far puppy hasn’t ever shown any effects.

Thank you.

QA answers:

As far as I know it can’t go bad but if the container has an expiration date on it then I would toss it after that date has passed. The reason the shea butter’s smell has changed is because the scent can either grow stronger or fade with age. This happens with most scented oils and with perfumes. Hope this helps.

Susan asks…

What would you recommend for acne?

I am thankful my acne has cleared up and I would just like to help other with how my acne cleared up. And I would love to hear other suggestions too!

CONSTIPATION CAUSES ACNE. so if you constipated you have to cure it and try to go to the bathroom everyday. Fiber foods. Prunes. Water. EXERCISE is a great way to reduce acne. Yoga, running, etc. NEUTROGENA Oil free acne wash or Dr. BRONNERS TEA TREE SOAP, OR CLEAN & CLEAR FOAM WASH. salyciliac acid is amazing. BuT please don’t over wash limit it to 2 times a day or you skin will get worse!
100% pure shea butter from l’occitane works wonders for acne scars
Ambi SPF 30 Oil free Lotion is a great good face lotion also because it helps reduce acne scars.
Mynocylin is amazing but might give you hyperpigmentation.
Doxycyline works but might give you a yeast infection.
Minocyn works but might make you itch.
Solydon WORKs but is expensive.
Warm Cloths can reduce acne.
Its ok to wear Olive oil & LAvender

QA answers:

Taking the herb Burdock internally helps, using sulfur soap, using “soap works” carbolic (kills bacteria), creamy clay (absorbs extra oil), and cucumber comfery as a moisturizer and toner soaps work fantastic (:

Tea tree oil works really good aswell. (:

Thomas asks…

does hair cholesterol go bad?

i have lustrasilk shea butter and mango cholesterol and i have had it ever since feb. and now its august. do you think it went bad or can go badd at all? thanksx.

QA answers:

It can go bad, but not this soon. It takes 24-36 months for shea butter to go bad. As far as the cholesterol, I believe that is also at least 36 months. One sure way to know, is to smell them. If the products smell like rancid oil…..they are bad, throw them out. Conditioners, and lotions have a shelf life of 2-3 years!

Sharon asks…

can i use shea butter to treat eczema ?

ok i had eczema for about a few days then today it got really bad. it was all over both my arms from my uppers muscles part to half way to my forearm. i am going to the doctor till monday cuz thats the only date he has open. but this shit is really getting itchy and scary. so is there any home treatments i can use for this PLEASE I NEED HELP. ive heard of using shea butter (does tht really work?) PLEASE telll me what works. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if it was possible i would give 200 of my points to the person who tells me a remedy tht works. PLEASE ive also heard of vaseline, does that work? PLEASE help me
the appointment is with my dermatologist

QA answers:

Shea Butter is not for treatment of Eczema.

Shea Butter is great for dry skin.

My two daughters and I have eczema. The only product that worked was Caladryl, original (pink) or clear. The Caladryl relief was instant.

The original Caladryl worked better for the 3 of us.

You set up an appointment for Monday, I hope your appointment is with a dermatologist. Family doctors are great, but not for eczema. Our family dr. Prescribed about 3 different types of cream, none of them helped.

Dermatologist specialize in skin conditions. My daughters and I were not prescribed the same medication. Our dermatologist is great, because he had 3 separate cases, me & 2 daughters and each one of us was were prescribed different creams and instructions. Have not had to return to the dermatologist and that was 16 months ago.

Mandy asks…

I think I might have a bad skin problem (PICS)?

Okay.. I have three different problems.. First off, some background info. I’m almost 14, 140 llbs, and 5’4 (if that helps) the first picture is off my chest, It gets like this about every winter and lasts until spring, but this year it hasnt gone away yet. It’s extremely dry feeling too. I use Palmer’s Shea butter formula but it barely helps:

SECOND: My neck is darker than the rest of my body as you can see here:
It’s only my neck too. I shower everyday and I exfoliate every 2 weeks but it’s always been darker.. is that a problem or sign of anything?

LASTLY: I’ve had this type of growth.. or mole or something on my belly button, and I was wondering if something was wrong with it. As you can see, it resembles something like the top of a pineapple..


QA answers:

First of all, good for you taking care of your body. You really are making a great effort. What are you using to exfoliate? You should get a natural loofah and use it daily or every other day – at least on the spots you are worried about. The reason that the Shea butter isnt helping so much is because the moisturizer cant soak into your skin if there are too many dead skin cells clogging up your fresh, new skin underneath. Thats what the dark patch on your chest is. Once every two weeks exfoliating just isnt enough. Also, a cheap remedy you might want to try is mixing a cup of sugar or salt with lemon juice (get a lemon and squeeze the juice into the salt/sugar) Then pour a tablespoon or so of olive or pure coconut oil (coconut oil is cheap at walmat) into the mix. Use this as a scrub and it will really really help. Especially if you do it once a week. The lemon juice will lighten the skin, the sugar/salt will exfoliate, and the oil will moisturize without clogging your pours. (Dont use any other oil cause you will get pimples) This is a popular recipe in Hawaii. Lastly, I dont think you need to get that mole checked yet. Watch it: if it grows, or changes shape, or changes colors/gets splotchy, then you do have a problem. If it just stays the same, it is harmless. You can have it removed if you want, but not necessary.

Daniel asks…

PLEASE HELP my skin is breaking out with a rash?? ?

my face and my neck is breaking out with a red rash. on the left side of my neck is two dots that look like mosquito bites but they are part of the rash. around my face where i put my foundation is redness above my eyelids where i put eyeshadow is redness and a little on my cheeks . I am not sure this is the makeup I think it may be my Aveeno Cleansing Pads (face wash) my mom broke out to this , and i have her sensitive skin. I’m not going to wear the same makeup tomorrow and im not using Aveeno anymore? but I want the rash to go down ‘cus people keep asking me about it at school. I rubbed at little Gold Bond Ultimate softening shea butter lotion on it, hoping that it will go down.
oh and yesterday it wasn’t as bad and i put TONS OF EuceringCalming Creme on it and it stung really bad?? was that it???

please give me some suggestions besides c a dermatologist cus i no that ,but anything that can calm it? before tomorrow? plz and thanks soo much u dont know how much i appreciate it.

QA answers:

You should try not using the aveeno lotion if you think the cleansing pads made the rash. Maybe there is some ingredient you are reacting to. Try washing your face, and mixing honey and oatmeal…… Not flavored, and put it on your face like a mask…. You can google oatmeal and honey facial mask to get the exact recipe. Try not wearing any foundation, of makeup like that. Your skin might just be irritated and it needs a break. Ummmm, and maybe it is b cause your (………)

Betty asks…

What do you think of my story so far? honesty appreciated?

I watched her walking towards the mango tree, her hips swinging from side to side and her bare feet leaving prints on the moist earth. Her hair, neatly combed back, looked greasy from the shea butter she had applied earlier.

As she bent down to pick up the fallen fruit, I caught myself admiring her curves. The printed cloth tied around her waist tightened, no longer able to accommodate her ampleness.

Looking around quickly to make sure no one had seen me stare, I smiled to myself. Unfortunately, I was acting like the typical toubabs (white tourist) I so despised; accused of visiting Senegal for one thing and one thing only.

After taking one last draw from my cigarette, I grimaced and tossed it to the ground, crushing it with the bottom of my shoe. Smoking always left a bad taste in my mouth. Turning my attention back to Miriam, I sighed. She had wiped the mango clean and was now waving at me to come join her. I hesitated for a few seconds; remembering her brother’s harsh words,

If I see you around her one more time you mother******…

What could he possibly do to me? I had laughed at the absurdity of the situation, the way he had jumped to conclusions when he saw the wad of cash I had slipped into her hand.

“Do you want some?” asked Miriam as I jogged over to her. I looked at the ripe mango in her hand and smiled.

“No thank you, I’ll wait for another one to fall” I replied, running a hand through my hair.

“Don’t be silly, here take this one” I laughed as she grabbed my hand and plopped the mango in it.

“No really-” I began, attempting to hand the fruit back but she was already running back to the house.

She emerged a few minutes later holding a long pole with a curved nailed hammered into the tip.

“I saw three ripe ones this morning” she stated, gazing up into the thick leaves of the mango tree.

I moved out of her way as she lifted the pole high enough to gently maneuver her way to the top few branches.

“Here, let me do it” I offered, holding her arm.

She shoved her elbow into my ribcage “no, I can do it myself”

Wincing in pain, I rubbed the area with my hand.

“I don’t like when you do that. You think just because I’m a woman-”

“I never said that Miriam, I simply offered to help. Nowhere did I imply that you couldn’t do it yourself because you’re a woman. You know, sometimes I just don’t understand you. I come close to thinking I have you all figured out and then you go crazy on me again”

“I’m not crazy” she muttered, still focused on the branches above.

“There you go again”

She ignored me this time, biting her lower lip in concentration and standing on the tip of her toes.
Still rubbing my sore rib, I glanced back up just in time to see two mangos crashing down between the branches, followed by a dozen leaves.

Miriam flashed me a proud smile and dropped the pole on the ground.

QA answers:

I like this. Even though it’s only a small piece of writing, the characters’ personalities have begun to show through here and there. It is quite interesting. There are a few things I’d suggest to improve it though. I think you should remove the phrase “running a hand through my hair.”. A lot of writers seem to use that as a filler to add some description easily. Also, after dialogue and before the second set of speechmarks, there should be either a full-stop or a comma. Use a comma if you have a ‘he/she said’ (or something similar) after the speechmarks. Otherwise use a fullstop. So it would be: “I’m not crazy,” she muttered. And “There you go again.” Other than those things, good work.

Paul asks…

Yeast Infection with Blisters?

okay. i had a Yeast Infection that I let go on for a few weeks without treating b/c i just thought it would go away, it was itching and burning a bit but nothing unbearable, I was beginning to get cracks in my skin arnd my anus, but nothing too bad. Then I had sex with my b/f two days in a row and the friction caused blisters to form on my labia and vaginal opening, I am treating the yeast infection now it seems to be gone, but what is really killing me is the popped blisters I can‘t pee I can‘t walk. Im going to the doctor tommorrow but does anyone have an idea of what can sooth and heal the blisters? I’ve used natural shea butter, hydrocortisone, and diaper rash cream the past 3 days, and if you had this before what did your doctor prescribe? Im really miserable to the point of tears and frustration…HELP! and no its not herpes.

QA answers:

Basically the reason you have a yeast infection is because there’s an imbalance in your body. A healthy person has a balance between the yeast in their body and the good bacteria in their body.

Too much yeast, you have a yeast infection. Too much bacteria, you have a bacterial infection.

So, when you have a yeast infection you essentially have too much yeast in your body relative to the good bacteria. The natural way to treat it and bring back that balance is to starve the yeast and introduce more good bacteria into your body.

Oh and BTW – That’s why you often get relief from using the over the counter meds temporarily, and then the yeast infection comes back. The creams aren’t changing the source of the problem. They are just killing the yeast they come in contact with, and not balancing the yeast/bacteria in your body and actually sometimes end up making things a lot worse.

Oh BTW2 – That’s also why many times you’ll get a yeast infection after using antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body, the good and the bad. When that happens the balance between the yeast and good bacteria is off, and once again and you get a yeast infection.

Things you can add to your diet (to help promote good bacteria) are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans

Things you should remove from your diet (to starve the yeast) are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour, alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold

Changing your diet will definitely get you on the road to balancing the yeast and good bacteria, but what I would also recommend is to use a homeopathic solution to help naturally speed up the process.

I always feel if there’s a natural way to do something, then it’s best to avoid the chemicals. I would look for an natural product, that can be taken orally to promote re-growth of the good bacteria in your body.

There are a few out there, I think they are probably all pretty good. One that I have used and was very effective for me was is yeastrol.
Best of Luck!

Hope this helps and best of luck! :)

If you’re interesting in finding out more I’ve added a link that has some more info.

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