Nancy asks…

I put E85 in car by accident! what should I do?!?!?

I accidentally put E85 in my dads 2002 Isuzu Axiom, and I found out from my friend since he is a car nut, that I shouldnt have done that as the check engine went on and today the check engine was blinking.

This may help.
I had about half a gallon of unleaded gas and accidentally added 8 gallons of e85 (Without knowing this was a bad thing) then the day after the check engine light was on and My friend put an additional 1.5 gallons of premium gas in attempt to dilute the e85 alittle so it wouldnt be as damaging.

Please dont say Im screwed. How can I fix my dilema?

I know I could drain the tank and put the right gas in it. But besides that is there something I could add to the tank to help reverse the errors of the E85 gas?

Im only borrowing my dads car because the parents went to vegas for 4 days and I got the car so they wouldnt have to pay for storing it at the airport, and its the only vehicle I can use since a Nun crashed into my first car! yes thats right a 70-80 year old nun hit my first car! funny thing was she was at fault.
I recently have driven the car and on my way to work i noticed that at some points it wasnt doing anything when i accelerated. like it lagged, so I turned back home as because of the lagging, why is this lagging happening?

QA answers:

Dont worry about it. Its not going to hurt anything. I run it in my 02 monte every now and then. All it does is burns cleaner and smells like beer. Lol

it throws the check engine light due to it having a higher oxygen content when burnt than 87. Therefore the 02 sensors are getting a incorrect read and tripping the light. Just drive it. You will be fine. No harm done!

Ken asks…

I accidently put e85 fuel in my car that does not accept e85. Will it run?

I put e85 in my ford focus. It is not e85 capable from the factory. Some vehicles can run e85, they just lean out a bit. Will I burn a piston or valve if I run it? Will it ruin my motor?

QA answers:

Although your vehicle was not manufactured to run on E85, no problems should occur if you mistakenly fuel once with the alternative fuel. The largest difference between an E85 powered vehicle and a gasoline powered vehicle is that their computer modules are meant to read different amounts of oxygen within the fuel. E85 contains a higher amount of oxygen than gasoline and E85 compatible vehicles are made to read that higher amount. When a higher amount of oxygen is read by a gasoline powered vehicle, your “check engine light” may appear. A number of other parts on the FFV’s fuel delivery system are modified to be ethanol-compatible. The fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel injectors, computer system and anti-siphon device have been modified slightly. Alcohol fuels can be more corrosive than gasoline. Therefore; fuel system parts have been upgraded to be ethanol-compatible.

Donald asks…

Can I put gasoline in my car after using E85?

Suppose I stopped in another town and filled up my flex-fuel car with E85 ethanol. When I filled it up, the guage said empty. Now that I am home, I have about a half a tank and want to fill up my tank. Can I topoff my car with regular 87 octane gasoline?

QA answers:

You can use regular unleaded, with no problem! Flex fuel means you can use E-85, regular, or a mix of both!

Betty asks…

can i put ethonal ( E85) in my car? do you have to do some kind of conversion first or can i go fuel up?

QA answers:

You can only use E85 in a vehicle that is certified to use E85.

If you use E85 in a vehicle that is not made for E85, at the very least you will get a check engine light. This is because the increased oxygen level in the E85 will be out of limits for your oxygen sensor. At the worst it will corrode your fuel lines, damage your fuel pump, damage your fuel injectors, and deteriorate the plastic fittings in your fuel system. You could do well over $1000 damage to your fuel system.

See the link below. It will tell you how to read your vehicles Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to tell if it can use E85.

There are no conversion kits. The EPA had them pulled from the market because the conversion kits because they didn’t work properly and increased harmful emissions too much.

If it turns out that your vehicle can use E85 and you have been running it on gasoline for years, you may have a slight problem. The gasoline will build up a sludge in the fuel tank and fuel system. The ethanol in E85 will act as a strong solvent and will wash the sludge from your fuel system. After your first tank of E85 you may need to change your fuel filter.

Carol asks…

How can i fix my car after accidentally putting e85 fuel in it?

I accidentlly put almost a full tank of e85 fuel in my tank before realizing it was e85 instead of regular..
It’s not a fuel flex car and i drove it around about 10 miles before the engine light came on.. It is a 2007 chevy impala rental car.. yes i know rental car.. which sucks because ill get charged a tun of moneys if it gets damaged = ( can someone help me on what i shood do!? ride it out n take a chance it doesnt blow up or kill the engine or syphon it ? all help is needed, i use the rental for work and to transport my kids & family around..
I just went out n bought a 9” long skinny hose ans stuck it all the way down there as far as it will go and then pulled it out and it was dry and i jus kept sucking up fumes.. = (

QA answers:

The rental may junk it and bill you . They either have to replace all the gaskets or the
engine.Or bill your insurance . No good either way.

Sandy asks…

Can i put in E85 gas in my tank if i have some unleaded still in it?

i just noticed that i can put E85 gas in my van but i already have unleaded still in it. Can i put the e85 in it or will it mess up my car? I just noticed that on the door of the gas tank it says i can put e85 or unleaded and i want to use the e85 because its cheaper. So will it hurt my van to put the e85 in it with unleaded still in it?

QA answers:

Yes you can run e85 with no problem except for the fact that your really not saving any money. The fuel is cheaper but your gas milage will go down and you really wont notice any savings at all. The reason for the lower milage is that you are burning 85 percent alcohol and alcohol burns leaner than gas so your engine control computer has to compensate for that by injecting more fuel into the engine causing your decrease in fuel milage. Your vehical knows it is running e85 because your gas tank has a sensor in it that can detect the amount of alcohol in the system, thats how it can compensate using your engine control computer

Richard asks…

do flex fuel cars always need to have E85 in them?

do i need to put E85 in my car when i fill up or can it run on pure gasoline all the time

QA answers:

Flex means you can run gas, ethanol or any combination of the two. In fact you can run methanol or any alcohol based fuel in a flex vehicle.

You can even buy conversion kits for non-flex vehicles. These things were invented in Brazil 25 years ago. Http:// sells conversion kits for almost any vehicle.

We could be using fuel dollars that are now being sent to countries with ties to terrorism to help farmers here and abroad, boosting our own economy and funding world development. Furthermore, by switching to alcohol fuels, which pollute less than gasoline and are made from plants that draw carbon dioxide from the air, this plan will facilitate the worldwide economic growth required to eliminate global poverty without the fear of greenhouse warming. Down with OPEC.

Mary asks…

Can I put e85 in an Unmodified 95 Honda Civic Sedan?

The car is in good condition, but 3rd hand, so I don’t have the manual. I want to know because there is a station near my house that has e85 for $.20 cheaper than the e87, and since I do a lot of driving, it would be a lot of help. A simple “yes” or “no” would be fine, but if you could point me to somewhere that supports your answer, it’d be even better.

QA answers:

The cars entire fuel system has to be made to run the E85 or E87 grade fuel. So basically NO. The valves and combustion chamber are not made to burn this type of fuel and would damage your engine in short time.

Laura asks…

is E85 good for my 1992 mercury grand mariqouis? cuz it pretty cheap and i hope i can put it in my car?

QA answers:

NO! To use “85% Ethanol fuel”, your engine needs different gaskets and seals. E85 eats through regular gasoline seals. Also, you need a different motor oil, E85 runs hotter.

Luckily, the E85 engine seals work with gasoline, too.

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